Take two natural home remedies to remove unwanted hair

Kalyan Ayurveda- Almost all the organs of our body have hair. If some hair is small then some hair becomes too big to look bad. They make our beauty vulgar. If the boy has hair on his body then there is no special thing. But if girls have hair on their body then they are not good at all.To get rid of unwanted hair, people wax nowadays and do many other remedies. But again these parts of the body have hair. Waxing has to face a lot of pain. So today we are going to tell some such domestic natural remedy through this post. With the help of which you can easily get rid of unwanted hair.

Let's know
1 .Take two teaspoons of sugar, two spoonful honey and a spoonful of lemon juice and mix these three well to make paste. Now leave this paste on the unwanted hairy part and leave it for a while. When it dries, rubbing it aside. Then wash it with clean water. This will easily clear unwanted hair.

2. Mix 100 grams of gram flour, 1 spoon
mustard oil and two spoons turmeric powder, mix these three well together. If necessary, then water can be mixed. And place this paste on the unhealthy hair part of the body and leave it until it is dry. When dry, rinse and clean with the help of hands. After that wash with clean water. This will remove your unwanted hair easily and there will be no pain.

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