What is constipation? Know the causes, symptoms and home remedies

 Constipation is such a problem due to which the stomach of the patient is not cleaned properly and there are many problems during defecation. Due to this the patient has to go for defecation many times.


Laziness remains throughout the day due to lack of stomach. I don't feel like doing any work. Due to the problem of constipation, one has to exert more force to pass stool, one has to sit for hours.

Not only this, a person has to eat and drink very carefully. Is this happening to you too, are you also troubled by constipation, and want home remedies for constipation?

Due to the problem of constipation for a long time, there is a risk of many other diseases. Therefore, do not ignore the symptoms of constipation, rather get it treated.

Many home remedies have been given in Ayurveda for the problem of constipation. You can easily treat constipation at home with these effective remedies.

What is constipation?

According to Ayurveda, the balance of the body depends on the doshas of Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Due to these imbalances, the body gets surrounded by diseases.

Due to carelessness in diet and lifestyle, when the gastric fire becomes slow, and the food is not digested properly at the right time. Due to this the doshas of the body become unbalanced and contaminated and cause diseases.

Constipation is mainly caused by the vitiation of Vata dosha, due to which the stool becomes dry and hard. Excretion is not possible at the right time.

Due to constipation-

There are many reasons for the disease of constipation, which are lack of fibrous food in the diet.

* Reducing water intake. Excessive consumption of fried food. Dieting for weight loss.

* Decreased metabolism. Excessive use of pain killers. Constantly sitting in one place. Eating the same type of food.

* Consumption of spicy and fried chili-spicy food made of maida. Drink less water or reduce fluid intake.

* Not eating food on time. Eating late at night. Habit of staying up late at night.

Consuming excessive amounts of tea, coffee, tobacco or cigarettes etc. Eating again without digesting the food.

* Living an anxious or stressful life. Hormone imbalance or thyroid problems. Use of painkillers in high doses or for a long period of time.

Home remedies for constipation-

* Hot water, lemon and castor oil for instant constipation relief- Squeeze half a lemon in a cup of hot water in the morning on an empty stomach and drink it by adding a small spoonful of castor oil. Stomach will be cleared after 15-20 minutes of drinking it. Apart from this, drink 2-4 drops of castor oil in 1 glass of warm milk before sleeping at night. This will clear the stomach easily in the morning.

* Home remedy for constipation by consuming raisins- Soak about 8-10 grams of raisins in water at night. Take out its seeds in the morning, boil it in milk, eat it, and drink the milk.

* Home remedy for constipation with castor oil- At bedtime, drink 1-2 teaspoons of castor oil in a glass of warm milk at night. This home remedy to remove constipation (Kabj ka ilaj) is very useful.

* Benefit of bael in the problem of constipation- The fruit of bael is very beneficial for the problem of constipation. Take half a cup of bael pulp, and a spoonful of jaggery, before meals in the evening. Bael's syrup is also beneficial in constipation.

* Treatment of constipation with cumin and carom seeds- Roast cumin and carom seeds on low flame and grind them. Add black salt to it and mix all three in equal quantity and keep it in a box. Drink half a teaspoon daily with lukewarm water. This is an effective home remedy for constipation (Kabj ka ilaj).

* Triphala- Soak 20 grams Triphala in a liter of water at night. Strain this water in the morning and drink it, by doing this in a few days chronic constipation will also get rid of.

* Ripe Papaya- Papaya is rich in Vitamin D. Apart from being tasty in food, it is also very beneficial for the stomach. Consume ripe papaya once a day. Eating ripe guava also provides relief from constipation.

* Dry figs- Soak dry figs in water at night and eat it after chewing it in the morning. You can also drink milk with it. Constipation will go away after taking it for 5-6 days.

* Benefit of liquorice in the disease of constipation- Mix one spoon of liquorice powder and one spoon of jaggery in a glass of water and consume it. It helps in curing the problem of constipation.

* Treat constipation with fennel- Drink a spoonful of roasted fennel with warm water before sleeping at night. The volatile oils found in fennel improve digestion, and increase the production of gastric enzymes.

* Use of gram is beneficial in constipation- Chana is very beneficial in the problem of constipation. It should be eaten soaked or boiled. Grind cumin or dry ginger in gram and add it. Eat ripe banana with milk.

* Flaxseed is a medicine for constipation- Grind flaxseeds and take a spoonful of it before going to bed at night. You have to take it with water.

* Use honey to relieve constipation- Use of honey can help you to overcome constipation because honey has laxative property which is helpful in removing the problem of constipation.

* Eat spinach to drive away constipation- If you are troubled by constipation and you want to fix it by changing your diet, then the consumption of spinach is a good solution for you because spinach has laxative properties, which remove constipation. helps to.

* Benefits of coffee in relieving constipation- Coffee can help you to some extent in the problem of constipation because the consumption of coffee helps in awakening the tendency of bowel movement.

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